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Anupriya Ensemble

(Parinday music of soul)

The name, means “birds” and is a metaphor of the soul soaring to ineffable heights. 

The group plays compositions and themes based on Raags, freely improvising around these themes.

Parinday Music Of Soul, is a music group that aims to convey the deeper spiritual ideas through the universal language of music inspired by Mantaq Utayar (The Congregation of the Birds) by Farid ud-Din Attar. The symbolic seven journeys of the soul, the obstacles encountered and overcome. Music is the language of the soul, it touches where other languages, poetry and art cannot reach.

The members of the group are all talented musicians and play both Indian and Western instruments. Parinday takes the highly emotive content of ICM and performs original music composed by Anupriya. The music is very lively, rhythmic and energizing.

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