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"I want the world to live in peace and harmony like a well knit orchestra where different instruments are in harmony with each other and create beautiful music.  I want to spread the message of love all over the world through my music. It hurts me to see so much strife, fighting, hunger and poverty in the world.  The musicians of the world should join hands to help make the world a beautiful place like their art."  Anupriya

An Indian Violinist Anupriya Deotale, considered among the top class of Violin players from India, and the only violinist of international reputation in Delhi.She is a daughter of legendary Hindi Poet Prof Chandrakant Deotale.

Anupriya is a disciple of great sarod & sarangi maestro's Ustad Amjad Ali Khan & Pandit Ram Narayan.

She has a unique style of her own, in which she blends the elements of "Gayaki" i.e. vocal rendering and "Tantarakari" i.e. instrumental rhythmic patterns, a manner in which not many are found playing the Violin in the entire sub continent. Her style of playing Violin is clearly distinguished by the sweetness, emotional depth and divinity it evokes. Her passion, dedication and hard work has brought her immense fame and recognition.

Anupriya has done her M.A.(Master of Arts) and M.Mus.(Master of Music) Both in Violin with a gold medal from Khairagarh University and Vikram University Ujjain. She has received a senior fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. She is the only Indian musician to receive the prestigious Ustad Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali Khan award at Lahore (Pakistan) in December 2004. Anupriya is the first Indian classical female musician to be recorded for a programme by the Pakistan Television.

Most renowned Violinist Anupriya is an 'A' Grade Artist of All India Radio Station, established artist of the ICCR(Indian Council For Cultural Relations)and perform regularly for the Spic Macay. Anupriya have represented India in over 40 countries, various major concerts in India, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Slovenia, Hungary, UK, Canada, Reunion Island, Russia, Latvia, Singapore, Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman ,Pakistan,China,Indonesia,Egypt,Malta.

Anupriya has founded "Ameer Khusro Centre For Music" to promote the awareness, the knowledge and the cultural value of Indian Classical Music among the youth of India. 

Her fusion group has performed in 'Festival of India' in China and Indonesia.

In July - August 2008 she has performed through Indian Council Of Cultural Relations, in Tunisia, Malta , Egypt and Israel. She has performed in Japan, through ICCR in 2016. she had most successful concert at the prestigious 'Violin Festival' Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, Nehru Centre Mumbai, Pushkar Sacred Music Festival,Kalidas Samaroh Ujjain, Delhi Classical Music Festival, "Raag Amir" Music Festival in Indore etc. In November 2017, she went to perform in Croatia 'Festival Of India" through Ministry of Culture. In March 2018 performed in Austria and Germany, August 2018 concerts in Italy.

Anupriya has created an enviable niche in the field of Fusion and experimental music , having worked with musicians from France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Reunion Island. She is having her fusion group"Parinday..Music Of Soul"based in Delhi, India .

Anupriya is a shining star in the world of Indian Classical Violin, specially because of her own original style and technic of playing Violin. Being a daughter of a great poet her playing is very rich, different and extremely creative Anupriya has a large number of CD recordings to her credit, which include India Calling and Call of Horizons released in Germany and Holland. She is the only Violinist in India who is performing Modern Hindi Poems on Violin, a unique experiment of poetry and Violin which is very special and close to her heart.

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